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Ignoring for just a moment massive problems with the experimental design, methodology, the selection bias, and the problems of randomly broadcasting native bird sounds in a forest full of native birds, then randomly following said random birds to random trees with honey in them. No we will skip all that for a moment and just accept the validity of the so-called experiment, temporarily, and accept its premise.

Here is what we should then really be focused on. No one from these tribes in generations ever bothered to:

  1. Cultivate honeybees

  2. Domesticate honeyguide birds to have flocks of birds

  3. Select the honey finding trait among the bird population

  4. Use honeyguide birds to identify every bees nest in the region so they don't have a subsistence survival strategy or destroy every honeybee nest they encounter...

  5. Holy shit, I can't go on with this line of thinking.