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Who's a bigger idiot, the guy who doesn't quite know what he talking about, Or the guy who spent a week arguing with him.

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Oh I'm definitely an idiot too. But to be fair, although the conversation went on for over a week, each response only takes seconds.

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Both are huge idiots. Tesla might have had "out of the box" ideas, to put it lightly, but he was harrassed by Edison and big corps and died as a lonely and pennyless guy. Gov confiscated 80 boxes of research, claimed only 30 were confiscated even though there is written evidence of the number 80 and years later, when approached by the guys from Tesla Files, they claimed only 60 were confiscated. Definitly some Deep State fuckery.

Lets not forget that Tesla is partially responsible for the cheap electricity, Edison wanted to milk our and gov's money and used dirtiest tricks in the book to discredit and destroy Tesla.

I accept people do not know more about Tesla's history but I do not accept ignorants attacking him without doing any research. The fact that the MSM was very negative of Tesla should tell you something.

Watch Tesla Files episode one, mind-blowing. Wireless energy is very much possible.

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Did Tesla ever dispute the laws of thermodynamics? I don't think he did. That was my only point. Citing him as proof was a weak appeal to authority.

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The thread is pure gold, amazing example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Dude is convinced that a "free energy" source exists, and his proof is a steam engine, which he seems to think uses water as a fuel source, or at least, doesn't understand the distinction between using water as a fuel source vs. using it as a medium to transfer energy from one form to another. Finally claims that the distinction between the two is "splitting hairs."

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Actually,it's really simple. Slap a solar furnace on a steam engine's boiler and just add water. Instant clean energy with a higher output than most solar energy cells.

Don't these already exist?. Afaik they're not very cost effective.

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Yes they do already exist. Solana in AZ is one example. Merlynn doesn't accept that this is the exact same technology. As far as cost effectiveness, it's 7-8X more expensive than hydroelectric, 3-4X more expensive than fossil fuels and thats based on a price that's highly subsidized because it's "green energy."

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I think he means one of these.

The main weakness from what I understand is that they're very slow. I.e... far too slow to run a boiler which requires a lot of energy.

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No. I'm talking about putting one of these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_furnace

On one of these. http://www.friscoheritage.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Restored-Steam-Engine.jpg

And using that to power a generator to create electricity.

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A hoffman voltameter. They're pretty fun, we messed around with them a lot in school.

You can use water more efficiently by making a hydrogen fuel cell, but it still needs input power. It's usually more effective to just use the electricity directly.

Also, fun fact: There was a giant rocket called "Sea Dragon" planned in the 60s which was going to use that method for producing it's fuel. Basically they were going to hook the output of an aircraft carrier's steam turbine to a tank of seawater and use the hydrogen/oxygen to fuel the rocket.

The project died in the design phase because there were no missions requiring a rocket that huge.

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The issue is that it's just an energy storage medium. You see how he attaches jumper cables to it? The battery that he has attached to the other end is the actual source of the energy.

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Actually solar power plants are pretty damn cost effective now and pretty cheap since mass production has lowered the cost of them significantly.

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Those aren't solar panels, it's a parabolic mirror heating up a thermal plant.

Solar panels are not cost effective without subsidies: They cost more energy to make than they produce, same with wind turbines. They have a place in some contexts, like powering off-grid plant, but for mainstream power generation they don't make much sense.

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Funny thing is Tesla was on to some really cool shit, he never claimed he could get energy out of nothing however. He did prove Wireless transmission of power was indeed possible and I believe some of the patents that are still to this day classified might have led to some really cool tech for the public realm but he never ever ever claimed to develop a perpetual motion machine

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The inherent energy losses in wireless are prohibitive.

Source: electronics engineer

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Agreed, however interesting that he proved it was possible however unfeasible. Works great for things like the radio though

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There are consumer electronics that use wireless power. But if there are "power losses" something else is picking up that lost energy. Like maybe your DNA. I'd be more concerned about that than efficiency.

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You're wrong.

Source: electronics engineer.

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Well there is all that background radiation left over after the Big Bang that you see as static on old analog televisions. Nobody is doing anything useful with that stuff.

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To harness energy you need a relatively high energy area and a relatively low energy area

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How effectively can you harness it? I've never read anything about trying to use it to power even a hot plate.

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How does a lower dimensional being harness energy that probably exists at a higher dimension or even multiple simultaneous dimensions? I don’t know, but hopefully a certain kind of genius will come along figure it out- if we can keep from devolving too far. Remember, we don’t even have a unified field theory for the forces we know about in the universe. We’re barely scratching the surface of the limitations of our little understanding. Few laboratories or universities even test or demonstrate the double slit experiment or quantum erasure experiment anymore- even though 80 Year’s ago it was demonstrated to nearly every college physics student.

All evidence points to us devolving and becoming stupider as a species, even as our self assurance increases.

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Or mastertroll. It's intriguing that nobody pointed this possibility yet.

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Are you saying water vapor isn't fueling a steam engine?

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No it's not. The heat source is the fuel source. You fucking moron.

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Hes going on about a solar furnace though, isn't he?