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The FDA needs to put a carcinogen warning on that thread.

It makes me wonder, shills or drunken trolls? Both? Neither? lol

You can tell who the obvious ones are. Possum hit it on the head and of course atko talked about how the site has been under constant warfare and we're still in the thick of it.

The establishment shitters shills are getting desperate and it shows.

All that said, I had fun in the chat feature. Live chat is easier to drag out the shills, they don't have as much time to think on their feet and they expose themselves. They wear down. They fuck up. And then you know, then they know you know or do they? Hmm...

Some of you fuckers need to find a new job or hobby. lol. Get some sun on your face. The darkness is consuming. mwahahhaahaha.

Again, the chat feature is fun.