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Schoolboy, 12, 'finds deadly spider' in a box of pet feed | Daily Mail Online

"A schoolboy is convinced he has found the world's deadliest spider in a box of insects he was about to feed to his pet bearded dragon."

'Charlie Wade, 12, from Fulham, London, buys a box of locusts every week for Dopey to eat, and recently came across what looks like a Brazilian wandering spider. ', "Mr Wade continued: 'I was fine with that and was thinking do I let the boy dream on or do I tell him the reality?"

'His parents did not believe him when he told them what he had found, but his father examined the insect and admitted it did resemble the deadly breed. ', "There was enough similarity for me - not to reach a conclusion - but to say don't play with it. 'The family have since been told by their local pet shop that the locusts they purchased were from the UK, which would seem to rule out Charlie's conclusion."

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