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Lottery gives four million pounds to study bats in belfries - Business Insider

'LONDON (Reuters) - Britainâ\x80\x99s public lottery said on Wednesday it would provide 3.8 million pounds to support projects to allow bats to nest in churches without damaging the sometimes centuries-old buildings. '

'Bats, which have been protected by law in Britain since 1981, are increasingly using buildings such as churches for shelter as natural habitats are lost. '

'But while small groups may have little impact, large populations and their droppings can be unhygienic and damaging. '

'The program will be funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund over five years. '

'Julia Hammer, Joint Chief Executive of the Bat Conservation Trust said the â\x80\x9cBats and Churchesâ\x80\x9d program is aimed at finding ways to stop the damage without stopping the bats. '

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