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Special kudos go to Karl Urban for never taking off his helmet during the whole movie, which is very much in character for Dredd and to the writers for respecting the character.

I was telling someone about this movie. They asked me if that was the movie with Urban in it and I said "The lower third of his face was in it." They immediately understood what that meant and were happy about it.

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I second this.

I am a a fan of the Dredd comics and have been for ages. But after seeing the crap Styllone did to the character it turned me off Dredd movies in general.

Finally saw this on DVD and regretted even since not seeing it on a big screen.

We need a sequel!!!!

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If you ever get a chance, watch it in 4K on a really nice TV. That movie is fucking beautiful.

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Great movie, one of my personal favourites from the last decade.

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I love this movie so much. Ive seen it 6 times. I need to rewatch it soon.

I love this scene the most. https://hooktube.com/eApCe2z67Gk