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Going to say its some breed of male pheasant. Edit: Red Golden Pheasant

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Thanks, I spit out hundreds of bird shot in my life from pheasant dinners. (I hope i never swallowed too many lead shot as a kid). And know the look of a dead pheasant very well.

But i never saw a pheasant like that pretty male! USA wild pheasants are not festooned in color.

now I know the name. so awesome.

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Good to know! Is there any benefit to raising pheasant? They look a bit scrawny for meat birds

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Some are Show birds and used for decoration, and the common ones for sport/game shooting that you can eat after. They are really not hard to raise but there are far better birds for eggs and meat.

I only know one person who raises them and they sell them to sport hunters that keep bird dogs.

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I bet that thing tastes great.