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Nevaeh is a name people use on kids by the way. It's Heaven backwards. I think it's weird.

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Wouldn't it being backwards imply it was the opposite. Also sounds like a nigger name.

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IDK if it sounds like a Nigger name, Niggers combine 2 or 3 Sounds and make a name out of Nigger noises, For being pretty stupid they are creative in some ways, However never been to Africa they are sure proud of their hme land? But if they are so proud of their annsestiors or whatever shouldn't that mean they are proud they were slaves? Fucking Niggers have no logic

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Awww she's adorable.

[–] STUPIDLAMER [S] ago  (edited ago)

thanks for the fake internet points although i'm not much of a collecter. I have plenty ofRL points in the form of good friends

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LOL I'd bet she's a he.

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no it's my friend's daughter

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People are gonna come in here and tell you to delete it. Because self doxxing. Honestly you don't want pictures of your kids or kids you know on the internet. Creeps on the internet for one but who knows what kind of facial recognition tech they'll come up. Food for thought- do as you wish as long as the friend isn't a privacy nut.

[–] ReAwakened ago 

The blue through me off.