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“Tough guys” indeed. Cats are equally awesome and nature’s perfect killing machine.

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Cats are different than dogs in that they choose their owners.

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pretty much true. if they don't like they are aloof.

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Another retarded thought from @MR_Wannahockaloogie. Yeah, the cat my neighbors gave me picked me lol.

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grew up with cats and dogs. love all of them.

cats are awesome tho. low maintenance pet that brings a lot of joy. hilarious too-. I love their boss attitude.

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I am not sure that a properly cared for cat is "low maintenance", but it has been a while since I had a dog.

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Ginger cats are so tame. You can do almost anything with them and they're totally cool with it.

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Generally speaking, cats are sociopaths. Tabbies seem to be the exception to this rule.

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Too damn cute......and she's a white girl.......there is no upgrade!