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How to train dogs

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Like how the cop did the right thing and just made sure nothing happened to him or his dogs. Remember stuff like this usually only happens in all white areas. You would never see some nog doing the same thing.

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That brightened my day. Thanks

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I love a happy Hippo.

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Retirement well spent.

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Based and woof pilled.

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That is cute I bet the dogs know what is going on with that.

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Seen this a year ago..

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You do realize that the Reverse Flash can go back in time, right?

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Thought that was the whole idea behind reverse flash technology.

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Virtue signal "rescue" dogs.

They are dogs.

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Fine. Call them used dogs. Second-hand dogs. If they were mistreated in the past, and a lot of dogs were if they're not with their original owners, it's probably appropriate to call them rescue dogs. Now, stop being a faggot.

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Second hand dog, lol. I like the way you think.

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Those dogs in the video were mistreated??? Show me how you came to that conclusion little girl.

Rescue dogs are frequently stolen from a back yard in one town and SOLD in another. Donation is another word for sale.

Fuck off dog thief.

Virtue signalling is another term for hot air bragging and boasting about what a good big deal you are. One does not need to do that if they are a good person, so we can assume you're the one mistreating dogs.

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Let the old guy have some fun.

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I assumed OP was not the "old guy". You're the OP, so I was addressing you. I also did not assume my post had the power to interfere with the old guy's fun. I was hoping to interfere with your virtue signaling "fun".