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What would a Chink insectoid, or a low IQ savage NIGGER do?

I think I know what a chinese person would do to that kitten :


Thanks OP for the classic video. SO CUTE!

All the kittens I ever rescued were in similar perilous locations, but safely found... ON A WARM CAR ENGINE BLOCK mewing, INSIDE A DEEP TRASH CAN crying, and the classic... alone and cold in winter on your front door footmat hours from death, with no momma anywhere in sight. That last one , front step, most people can relate to, as well as the engine block I bet.

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@smokratez it's your time to shine.

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Retard risking his life for the animal version of jews. Hilarious.

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We have a big problem with sand niggers torturing cats, I don't feel like looking up all the stores, but here's an example ---- https://www.10news.one/extreme-cruelty-to-animals-in-muslim-ghetto-heads-pulled-off-cats-kittens-cut-up-and-intestines-pulled-out/

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Thats mighty white of him....

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