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How much you want to bet if this was posted on Twitter you'd find some jealous nigger bitch with a blonde weave calling this 'literal terrorism smh fr'

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That’s like betting on the sun rising tomorrow.

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Literally shaking my weave

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Does everything have to be about niggers? Some people here seem obsessed...

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Agreed. I try to not think about them

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legit shaking rn at the white supremacy

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That's how a child should look - not with a face burqa on where you can't even tell that they're smiling.

These poor kids look miserable in masks. There is a psychological aspect of not being able to see a person's face.

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A brief respite from clown world. Thanks OP.

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My daughter put a pony on her Christmas list every year til she was 16.

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Little ponies aren't all that bad to keep. A horse, however...

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And all you got her was a retarded hamster with 3 legs. Shame. But she loved her little hamster. It was a sad day when the cat got a hold of it.

[–] TyroneDeNiggero 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Wow. Funny and close. We did get them hamsters one year. The dogs got to them and ate them Christmas night. The wife and I woke up to a murder scene Christmas morning. Thank God we found them first. LOL

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My cousins did the same, its all we ever heard about, then they moved to rural land to get a horse... and the two girls NEVER EVER were nice to the horse after a while, and never spent time with it, and it was sickening how much they mistreated it, but it was well fed and watered, unlike the STARVING horses abandoned in kentucky on "weekend farms".

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I love this.

She’s just horsing around with her friend.

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Thanks. Need a strong dose of wholesomeness sometimes.

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Took my kid kayaking last weekend. There was a point where I said to myself "this is pretty fucking awesome". It was like an 80's movie. Me & the kid out doing something together on the water. It was all white people out there, you know the whole water & physical activity thing. There were teenage boys jumping off of rocks. Little further down a dad & his kids were jumping off an old dock. The fishermen waved to us. People were friendly, no masks to be found. It was like how I remember camping with my folks. Then I went home and had to look at stinky fucking Indians and beaners everywhere and it made me sad. Then angry. I'm ready boys. Shit needs to happen while I'm young enough to partake.

[–] Ken_bingo2 ago 

Reminds me that we need to hit the river while it is still warm.

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More of this as well please.

[–] jewer ago  (edited ago)

yes, and without a shocking ending where the livestock BITES OFF HALF A KIDS FACE, just sweet ones like this.

no gore on v/Aww

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