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18 ft 8 inches for anyone not using the faggot metric system.

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that must be the shoulder height?

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I thought it was short too but I stopped reading the article after I had to convert the first measurement I saw. I realized I was spending time looking up how tall this giraffe was while I can't sleep and moved on haha

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"There are nine classified subspecies of giraffe which are vulnerable to extinction,"

I bet those 9 subspecies have less genetic difference than pure-strain human races.

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AUSTRALIA??? What happened to all the magnificent animals that used to be in Africa?

I heard the UN demands that Rhinos all get sent BACK from Whitey's safe ranches and sent back to Africa to be poached by niggers every year.

20 from whitey sent to africa to be hacked to death, even with most of their horns always trimmed :


Some of these rare animals died in under one year , like "Manny" the rhino did.

The UN demands Whitey turn over the few animals like these, safe from vile niggers, to risk having them all die in africa.

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Could have been accomplished in ten seconds using geometric methods without the drama.

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We used Jake the Pegs cock.