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Norweigan forest cats are gorgeous, they look like the mainecoone cats, there is more pagan spirit in their eyes than in the modern metrosexual fucking cucked skinny jeans male porn addicted gamer tech fag. Wild and able to survive. More than can be said for the rest of the fucking weak shits that pass as men today, they would cynically walk by, if they saw something go down, and I don't blame them 100% the numbers are not there. It cuts both ways.

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Bro that’s a cat

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yes. its all about surviving frostbitten ears. Those and Maine Coons suffer the least. Anyway... regarding OP title..

OP Title should be...

"are majestic... AS FUCK"

I am not kidding when I say that whenever I see the phrase "are majestic", my mind automatically inserts "AS FUCK" onto it, if its not already there.

So I read the OP title as :

Norwegian Forest Cats are majestic as fuck

i am not alone in this :





Norwegian Forest Cats are majestic as fuck

They are domesticated, as seen in iris shape of eyes. No wild species of any feline on earth has "cats eyes" :


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Its got "pagan spirit" though! It must sacrifice its own kittens. So magestic.

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Don’t forget about Siberian cats. Same family. Noble. Very loyal, friendly, happy cats. Enjoy fighting with each other. Can jump to the top of the fridge from the floor. Survived centuries of Russian political bullshit.

Great cats. Would highly recommend

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animals have more spirit than humans. had a mainecoon years back really not a cuddly thing, eventhough his fur was really soft and fluffy, used to eat endless rats never had to feed it much.

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I also have a Siberian cat because my husband is allergic to cats. Lovely thing.

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Truth! Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats are essentially Aryan cats. Varg be damned

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They are, but you know what's better? Maine Coons.

Wise and majestic.

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I had a Maine Coon. He kicked shit all over the wall, tracked shit all over the floor, turned on my faucet and left it running overnight, got fur everywhere, got litter everywhere, chewed my phone charger wires......licked plates from the sink..

all of this daily.......

Annoying as shit.

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Sounds like standard cat behavior to me.

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This is voat. Why would pepple here trust an animal with that name. Just saying.

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Boy in front looks a lot like my Maine coon.

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They are beautiful but I am not a big fan of long haired cats. Their hair can knot up really bad.

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Depends on the breed. I used to feel the same way and then I found my cat as a lost kitty on the street and adopted her... She's a Siberian/Maine Coon mix (maybe some Norwegian in there too) and never gets mats because they have a kind of fur that just doesn't do that easily. They feel different than an American longhair or a Persian. Not as slippery

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Brambles and wild growth they walk through combs them and looks after that. Indoors is hard on their coat.

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Ah never thought of that, makes sense.

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It's called being matted

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There have been stories about "cats with wings" where the mats are so big and still attached that is what it looks like, wings.

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Damn i want one.

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I'll take all three.

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Those look like big cats. I had heard about Maine Coons before. I wish I had the money and space for such a companion.

This is the Giant Kitty song from the Japanese girl band Shonen Knife.


If you are wearing headphones, turn down the volume.

Then go pet your kittys.

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Norwegian forest cats are bad ass and so are their cousins, the Maine Coon. I miss my boy, he was well over 20 pounds and had such a big personality.

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Just gorgeous!

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