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Thats a coyote, dipshit.

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Coyote & Frens just doesn't have the same ring.

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LOL, no it doesn't. Is that other critter a badger?

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Coyotes and Badgers are hunt'n buddies.


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a far far far longer higher rez version from california gov exists showing an amazing 5 animal species going through that exact tunnel, but badgers and coyotes are seen hunting in public on video as a pair, rarely.

One digs, the other chases fleeing burrowed animals (rabbits, gophers, etc) then they share meat. They hunt together.

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fellow foxes, if we do not accept raCOONs into our society, we will not be able to surive - Kike Yotee

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Ah man, i like raccoons. Funny little fuckers. Super rare around here due to all our lions, wolves etc. But i used to live on the outskirts of tacoma and i made friends with some raccoons. Theyd come in the house, get on the couch, climb on my lap and feel my face like a blind person, and pull all sorts of dickhead hijinks. I miss the little fuckers.

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nobody asked, this is a place to hate on niggers and kikes, not talk about fucking racoons on the outskirts of tacoma, now saysomething bad about jews or GTFO

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Around coons, never loom.

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Around Baders, never nigger.