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I do hope that those arabs remember to give water to their baby pet FENNEC FOX.


I mention this because I have heard HORROR STORIES on how canines , including foxes, are treated by adult muslims in arab lands.

Trust me, you do not want to hear the depraved stories of muslim animal torture. One news article story story almost made a seasoned INTERNATIONAL PAID MERCENARY PUKE. It was a story in a 1979 or 1980 issue of this famous mercenary magazine : https://www.sofmag.com/

fucking muslims... poor naive cute lovable Fennic Fox.

The Koran only says BLACK canines should be tortured to death, but there is a shortage of black canines left in arab countries.... so the adult muslims will torture this poor baby fennec fox to death (they live wild all across all muslim regions of africa).