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Me on the left.

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Aww Goats. I have at the moment 47 Angora Goats. And no I do not use them for vegetation control (all though they are really good at it). Each one of those little suckers will produce between 10 and 15 pounds of fleece that when spun and woven are called (ready for it) MOHAIR!!! About the only problems we have with the Goats is they are impossable to keep penned in and they love to eat every thing that you like to eat, Corn, beans, peas, grapes, berries, fruit of all kind and BEER!!!

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If you get the negro ones, you get even more MOHAIR.

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Negro goats are called Nubian Goats!

Nubian Goats are good for nothing, you can't use the fleece, their shit doesn't make good fertilizer, they are perpetually horny, the females are born pregnant, and they have a NASTY ATTITUDE!!!

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What's the connection between goats and this site?

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The mascot. The name "voat." You know, the obvious stuff.

Activate those almonds.

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So it rhymes with voat? I just figured you weren't as some as that here. Guess I was wrong.

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Those goats are from the future.

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Luckily, workers were finally able to round them up and take them back to graze.

Oh thank God!!! Apocalypse averted guys!

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Safety goats. Providing a beneficial service by eating dry brush next to houses.

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free lawnmowers!

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Will actually work for food. But if you just give them a dollar, they will happily eat that as well.