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He's a good boy.

He's a good kid.

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Remember to never forget:

  • Perfectly intact terrorist neckercheifs and passports were recovered from airplanes with fuel hot enough to liquify steel and bring a building down in freefall.

  • Celebrating Israelis set up perfectly on the other side of the river with a perfect view were reported by patriots and later apprehended by authorities.

  • Building 7

  • follow the money and see who got paid and even more interesting is how the World Trade Center property was leased and subsequently paid out to ((())).


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Jfk and uss liberty are pretty cute too.

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And most of our fighter jets guarding NYC just happened to be in Canada that day doing Maneuvers with the Canadian Air Force.

NORAD happened to be broke down that day and could not direct a couple of fighter jets off the coast of Atlantic City to shoot the planes down

All the scrap metal from the World Trade Center was quickly sold to China before an investigation could be done.

70% at the 9/11 investigation committee were Jews.

All the cameras at the Pentagon just happened to be turned off that day.

All the cameras at Logan International in Boston just happened to be turned off that day so no camera film the show called terrorists boarding the plains.

The Jew Michael Chertoff released all the Israeli spies that were connected with the incident.

I could go on and on and on!

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I count squints two fluffy puppies

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Which one did the jig muhdick?

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Whenever someone says I'm not usually the type it means they're the type that does it all the time

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check my post history nigger, ive never posted in Aww in the three years ive been here.

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Your alt does all the time

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