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Is he a good boy?

Because he looks like a good boy.

Tell him he's a good boy. I want to see a before and after picture- one from before "good boy", and one from after "good boy".

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He's asleep but I'll tell him about twenty times tomorrow. He's a really good boy. Best behaved puppy I've ever known.

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Atta boy. Tell him a 21st time, say "midnight says you're a good boy and you're gonna grow up to be big and strong and friendly and fierce, because you're a good boy."

:D doges are great.

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look at those bright little eyes! You can tell he's so smart

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I just recalled a great quote about dogs: "A friend in good times, a guardian in bad times, and a savior when all else fails." This fully sums up the relationship between a man and his doggo, particularly with dogs such as livestock guardians or guard dogs.

I can't recall where I heard it. If somebody knows, inform me please.

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OK come on, this is just farming for upvoats :)

[–] Warnos44 [S] 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

He's so cute, how could I not share!?

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My pup is cute too. All you can do is give them a good life.

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Livestock guardian. I will never stop using this term now. I am in great appreciation for this.

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Whata good boooye

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I'm positive you painted that face!

What a sweet pup. I hope you post more so we can see him growing up.

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I love the name Sarge. You don't really hear it used for a pet that often. Of course that makes it even better.

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Dog=God at least in my house CoCo4UaMe1¹²

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