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I'm trying to understand what's the exoskeleton the right SM is wearing...

Is it a centurion suit? A penitent engine?

I'm concerned

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The Marine on the right is a Grey Knight. In case you don't know, the Grey Knights a very special Space Marine Chapter. They're Primarch is the Emperor himself, they're all psykers, and they're all super resistant to corruption. They are the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Malleus of the Inquisition. This means they get a lot of special equipment unique to their chapter. The exosuit the Grey Knight is wearing is an example of such equipment and is called a Nemesis Dreadknight. They exist so that Grey Knights can go toe-to-toe with greater daemons and daemon princes like Bloodthirsters.

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Ohh, I know about the Grey Knights, but was unfamiliar with the Nemesis. Thanks!

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aka they're the lamest space marine chapter other than ultrasmurfs, they try so hard to be cool that it ends up being cringe, like kaldor draigo running around in the warp beating stealing the chaos god Nurgle's lunch money and carving his mentor's name into the heart of a daemon prince... and somehow they managed to make that lame. Salamanders are the best chapter.

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I would love to play Grey Knights but they are hurt so bad by their joke of a codex.

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Good one i feel like sooooo

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