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he's just fattening him up for chinese new year

but in all seriousness this chink is alright in my book

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This is what makes voat great. Almost any other website on the internet and you'd be banned/downvoted to oblivion for being "racist".

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Banter is part of life. As much as chinese are shit on for eating pets, whites are shit on for being religious fanatics, japs are shit on for being pedos, and pavement apes are shit on being murderers. Either take it in stride or work harder to make the accusation false.

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I actually have a Korean friend. She told me they actually do eat dog there and she’s eaten it herself. How is that racist?

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Automatic hero status. This guy rocks.

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That's incredible, he has a best friend for life now

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Wow he even gave him a new different color eye in the last picture.

Huskeys often have different color eyes as in the last picture. The first picture not so different?

This is total horseshit. Probably copied from facebook or some other clickbaity place on the net.

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The gook looks the same in all pictures

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get me a dozen gooks, different ages and sexes and they are all going to look the same...

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He looks like a polar gook in the second one

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Both eyes are blue in the last frame, what are you going on about?

[–] wokeasfook 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Are you for real or just color blind? Left eye is clearly brown. Like many huskies.

Also, are you this gullible with everything? You can't even tell who the person is in the 2nd image cleaning the dog. Bunch of idiots getting all sentimental about a bullshit clickbait image.

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You're not gonna get any love here with that statement.

Agreed that most Asian women come stock with good values and work ethic. Ideally you find a white girl and have 5 babies. But, the least you can do is adopt a white kid that needs a home.

Hat's off to those that can wrangle a good white girl and put her in her place. It's a lot of work, I know from experience.

Wouldn't let principles get in the way of leading a happy life though. If she makes you happy, then so be it.

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urban canadian environment

Stay strong. Urban Canada is filled with some of the worst people.

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Best of luck! I look forward to reading about your mentally deranged hapa son shooting up his school 16 years from now, here's hoping he sets a new high score!

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This is /v/aww worthy. Not a picture of a fucking hamster with s bow

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What a guy. I like him.

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