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creating alts and upvoating

Hey, did you wonder who OP might be? Merry Christmas.


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Blocking this sub doesn't work. I still get aww posts on the front page even though I blocked it. Also, I aren't subscribed to any subs, because I like the default ones.

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clearly not becuase OP's 10day old account and upvote bots are still around.


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It's a false flag because the gore assault didn't work.

A few self-important people really don't like that voat allows "reddit-tier" content. These people made accusations of v/aww farming votes, but failed to show any evidence of it. Then they spammed the sub with gore.

Now they're farming votes on v/aww themselves.


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Nah it's just SBBH with nothing better to do. They'll lose and give up here soon enough just like they always do.


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anything I don't like is forum sliding.


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I think you have to subscribe to a category before you can block it, even though you CAB block a category without being subscribed to it. It doesn't make much sense, but I think that's how it works.

What I recommend is not blocking and just unsubscribing. That's what I did and I no longer get this annoying candy-ass crap on my front page.

Otherwise do as I first suggested, but another option is to leave it unblocked and just block the few regulars that post in this category. I don't think there really are that many. I suspect it's only a few 13 yr old asian, crisscross, girl-boys, given the number of cat crap that's posted here.

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I already blocked this sub, and I have never subscribed here.


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Twas the night before Christmas

and all through the house not a creature was stirring

not even a mouse.