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I find it extremely patriotic. Look at the era when this happened.....a nation, an entire fucking nation rallied behind an idea and not a leader for the last time and it shows still today with various methods.

From the swastika of trees they can't kill. To the continued demonization of the acts of Nazi to this very day.

We have had many other genocide acts in this world that are never spoken of as much as the Nazi......why is that? What could we not learn from them that we can the Nazi?

No this picture is of the essence in patriotic support of an idea long forgotten.

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an entire fucking nation rallied behind an idea and not a leader

I'm pretty sure they rallied behind a leader.

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Hi - Is this a Trump rally?

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I fight because of the betrayal these great people suffered, so yes.

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plankO decided this was a giraffe.

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No, clearly he's a baby elephant.

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oh, I see it now. The trunk is raised.

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Mostly it's just sad.

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The first thing ever posted to this sub that made me think, "aww..."

Thank you!

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Absolutely! I want to see MORE of this!

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Better than the entirety of u-gabara

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