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Peta is a degenerate organization that kills animals to get off.

They even steal people's pets to put them down.

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Their fucked up mentality is if the animal isn't in its "natural" environment it's being abused and needs to be freed by means of death because it's been "tainted".

Yup, according to PETA your dog/cat etc. you spoil the shit out of is being abused and needs to be euthanized to become free.

They euthanize perfectly adoptable animals to the extent that they are the biggest kill shelter in existence. They refuse to send them out with agencies that plead to take them. Sick fucks burn in hell.

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Those bunnies were promptly gassed.

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Another weak britbong attention whore who's too weak to get her pussy out.

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God gave us rabbits because their fur is soft and useful and their meat is delicious. That's why they multiply so rapidly. They're food first, and are only pets when sentimental people get attached to them.

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@Crensch is like "nice bunnies".