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Real men don't need to concern themselves with what other people think of the pictures they post.

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Real men do whatever the fuck they want and don't look to others for judgement or approval. They keep to their word, accept the consequences of their actions, and take care of themselves.

And they have a penis.

Everything else is a manipulative definition of men meant to shame you into compliance to suit someone else's purpose.

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Either way that golden lab with a duckling on its head is really adorable.

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Fucking seriously...

I'm a 19yo guy. I hunt, fish, work out, work on vehicles when they need it... Everything you'd expect the average man to do.

In the midst of all this, say I find a cute little pup.


Cute little puppy is gonna get a motherfucking belly rub. Judge me. Don't care. Dogs are awesome. Scenery is too. Butterflies are interesting as Hell.

EDIT: To expand on this, there is a time to be as a boulder in a storm. Immovable. Hard. Tough.

There is also a time to be chilled out, more open, and (dare I say) gentle. That's my understanding of what it means to be a man. Too far on being a rock, you go into "Career Asshole" territory. Too far on being a gentle type... Well... We're seeing the effects today. Pathetic soyboy cucks.

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ok queer

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I had one of those white labs. There is no greater love.

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Beautiful dog.

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The expression on the dog's face, totally, "Dude. Fuck off".

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Golden labs are renown for hip and joint problems. Old bessy here will inevitably collapse in a pile of pain though she can not communicate that pain. She will be put down this year or the next. Because we have enough belly aching bitches.

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That’s a yellow lab, not a golden retriever, not a hybrid you just invented: “golden lab”

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That’s really not he point. The point is you’re spamming the front page with this dumb shit.

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https://imgoat.com/uploads/766527f2b5/164607.jpg Every time I saw the front page when I was a lurker it was spammed Awww, joined just to post.

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Labs are good dogs but I prefer the personality of a dobie. Something about their attitude of you're my bestest friend ever..........but I'll kill you in your sleep that I just have to respect.

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