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Don't make me do it... I do not want to exploit my granddaughter by posting pics of her pet chinchillas on voat. But if you're trying to start some kind of adorableness contest or something ....

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Are they good pets? I saw some at the local pet store, and they look cute as all get out, but I feel like they would be annoying pets.

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Dont get one as a pet if you dont do the research first. Here are some thoughts.

They can be awesome, some are biters (and they bite HARD). Its a personality thing.

They are rodents so their teeth never stop growing and they need chew toys and wood to nibble on. They cannot be allowed to run around the house un-attended.

They poop everywhere.. and a LOT. Its not smelly though, their diet is pretty much fiber only.

Not all of them will be happy to snuggle and will run from you. They are crazy fast and agile so catching them can be very interesting.

They are mostly nocturnal so they will be more active in the evening or night.

As said by /u/a_fucking_dude they need it to be cool. If you are living in a hot area you will need to get AC or run it more often. They can get heatstroke very easily.

They can get sick without you knowing. Cancer is a problem that you might not catch until its too late. Its very sad but because of their nature they wont show obvious signs that they are having problems. Even a good vet that knows them well will miss the signs.

Otherwise they are super cute and loving. They can be trained and most of them are very playful.

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She LOVES them.

Her pair? They are both cute, of course. The male is super-docile and likes to hang out and snuggle. The female scurries away and catching her is usually a multi-person task.

Their fur is amazingly soft and they do shit with their whiskers.

They run up the electric bill because they like it cool and suffer in the heat.

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I laughed and laughed, the day I saw a chinchilla dust for the first time. They are seriously cute.

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And she has a three-story tall cage that takes up a quarter of her bedroom. She put that "dust bath" roll-around thingy in there and ... oh geez, they were in Heaven.

Way too cute.

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do it do it do it do it do it do it

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Well, let me get some really good pics and video, then maybe I' ll think about it.

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I had a female Cockatiel for 11 years. She bonded with me. Hated my wife (now ex) and would sit on my shoulder and groom me. I would groom her back. She loved french fries and sometimes I would feed those to her. Since she had no teeth, the mashed fry would stick to her beak and look like a little french fry mustache. Cutest thing ever. Sometimes, I really miss that bird.

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Yeah some pet birds can have wonderful personalities

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I had a dog that I miss dearly. Understand.

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What kind of dog is that?

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So cute!

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omg it looks so content, that's adorable

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Damn that's a greatly satisfying gif.

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No matter the creature

Trust enough to close eyes

Is fucking lunch

~ crocodile

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I will never know joy such as this.

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For lack of room, I am in the same boat. Find a park. Jog. Animals running around and animal noises everywhere. It has opened the world to me. All the animals outside will hate you, but that is okay.

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All the animals outside will hate you

According to my grandfather, my great-uncle hand-feeds wild deer in his back yard (lives in the middle of the woods with no neighbors in sight). I guess he just stood there still with feed in his hand at the same time of day for however long until the deer got used to him and gradually got comfortable getting closer and closer. In my experience, urban park animals aren't usually afraid of people and you really have to go out of your way to make them nervous.

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