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yes, God I'm really exited, I've finally found one by accident :) Here is something about Karst horse: and this is the old statue of this horse, it is in Venice, Italy and made by Andrea del Verrocchio in 1480-1488. So, this Karst horse was the mother of Lipizzaner, but he was breed to be trained... But I've found that perhaps old french Percheron retained a lot from that old Karst horse, it is very possible because french were constantly trough these places, so maybe they bring this horse back from crusades and invasions etc and leave him naturally for centuries. Problem is, that today Percheron is too much working horse, but this one in video is breeded back with Spanish blood, SO : ) there you have it. Good that I'm not a farmer, I'd be on my way to US to buy the whole family of that horse :D


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It’s probably descended from war horses in our Civil War, which was mostly fought very close to where that horse is. The old South was very much like the Roman Republic. The Yankees even mocked us as “Romans” even though we were Protestant.