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The dog looks disgusted with the whole situation.

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hahaha this is too much, if i was a dog i would be mad jealous

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A raccoon is NOT a pet, but they can absolutely share the house successfully. That "reverting" nonsense is just that.
Seven live here with me, they destroy their things, not mine. And they aren't remotely aggressive.

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Do they still have their balls and ovaries? I've heard you can keep foxes if you give them the snippy-snips on their baby making bits.

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https://archive.fo/7SByp :

The Russellville couple who live with their pet raccoon | Daily Mail Online

'A married couple spend their nights in bed cozying up to an unusual pet - their fluffy raccoon. ', "Although the couple, from Russellville in Arkansas, spotted the one-week-old raccon's mother in the tree, she did not retrieve her by nightfall."

'She eats dog food and loves to snack on fruits. '

'Swindell and her husband, who is an electrical supervisor, then fed June on milk designed for kittens. ', "Her favorite is frozen blueberries. 'Then, in September last year, the couple added a new member to the family when they brought home a Vizsla puppy named Waffles."

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