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Its always interesting whats a learned behavior and whats taught, its trying to disturbe fish and arthropods out of the river bed to scoop up, but since its a pool its just doing a snazzy dance. Ive raised seagulls from nestlings that have never seen their parents do this but automatically do the little dance and look thing when introduced to knee deep water, despite there being no food in the water, its just a ridiculously complex behavior that is somehow just in their genes, like nest building and other necisairy things. Do people have these preprogramed behaviors? Are memes one of these behaviors? Memes are weird, I dont understand them but somehow they are great, just like how the knee deep water dance is likly not understood by the birds, but they seem to think its great.

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"Do people have these preprogramed behaviors?"

Niggers will steal without any prompting, and jews will lie/subvert. But unfortunately I don't know the answer as it pertains to people.

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Oh my LAWD! Couldn't agree more.

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Yeah my dogs also do a stupid dance after they poop. Like trying to blurry their crap but they just throw ripped grass on it with their rear legs.