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Thanks for posting this. VOAT needs sanity breaks every so often and this helps.

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https://archive.fo/7jfzd :

Minnesota toddler plays fetch over fence with neighbor's dog | Daily Mail Online

"In this super sweet clip, Chad Nelson's two-year-old son is seen playing fetch with the neighbor's dog in Savage, Minnesota, despite the divide between them."

'The dog, which can barely been seen through the slats, then chases the ball and catches it with its mouth. '

'The little boy can be seen running up to the ball before chucking it over the fence. ', "The video was recorded by Erin Richter, who invited Mr Nelson's son Conway over for a play date when he started the game with the neighbor's dog Dozer.", "This video proves that nothing can get between a boy and man's best friend - not even a fence."

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