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an actual hippo is literally more adorable that 95% of feminists.

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Probably smells better

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Hippos spend most of their time eye-deep in rivers, they don't really need a particularly keen sense of smell man.

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"I'll use the bite'o'death!".

Not very effective now, but give it some time.

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I met a motivational speaker once who had his arm bit off by a hippo while on a tour in Africa. There is such a difference between how hippos are perceived by people and how they really are.

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They are vicious evil beasts. Even Disney knew this and was mentioned on the jungle cruise in Disneyland. YouTube has a few attacks. Then there's Elephants. These animals are vicious.

This Lil guy is Cute as Hell tho.

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Hippos kill more people on the Nile than crocodiles. People know to stay away from crocodiles.

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That motovational speaker is a liar.

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Hippo bites fellow hippo.

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What's the difference between a hippo and a feminazi?

*Hippos are cute when they are small. *Hippos only fuck their own species. *Hippos protect their young

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Hippos weigh less.

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In order to effectively hunt them, poachers need to use RPGs. Vicious fucks.

For the moment this little guy is adorable as hell, though.

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Wait until that sucker is a bit larger. The bite will hurt a whole lot more then.

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Hippos are the niggers of animals.