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[–] jamesed 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

Just what makes you believe that? You obviously don't know a whole lot a bout suicide. First of all 77% of all suicides are male. Most suicides (I don't have the exact number ) are either white, native American or Asian. Suicide is not common among blacks and Hispanics. Most males use a fire arm in committing suicide. Most females use poison.

NOW THIS IS MY OPINION, but I think that most female suicide (females attempt suicide at a much higher rate than males but are not successful in that attempt) is actually a cry for help. They deliberately use a substance in insufficient amounts or that is slow to act (poison) in order to be found and saved. This now also gives them a higher pity quotient thus a notch up in the victim Olympics.


[–] SkinnyMagna 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Can confirm, ex girlfriend tried to swallow a bottle of pills and made a production of it.


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I hope it was a giant bottle of big honkin' B vitamins or something like that that, because that's how I'm imagining it, and that's hilarious.