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Kids with cancer is one of the worst things ever. The people who have to deal with that must have high suicide rates.

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Wow, that's so weird. I was going to say it's one of the best things ever. That's one thing I just love about Voat - it brings people together.

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Children with cancer is the best thing ever?

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It depends on how they manage it, most have therapists to help cope. Heck, around here, a psychologist is obligated by law to periodically consult another psychologist in order to vent.

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there is a whole field of therapy for being a therapist to therapist.

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Just what makes you believe that? You obviously don't know a whole lot a bout suicide. First of all 77% of all suicides are male. Most suicides (I don't have the exact number ) are either white, native American or Asian. Suicide is not common among blacks and Hispanics. Most males use a fire arm in committing suicide. Most females use poison.

NOW THIS IS MY OPINION, but I think that most female suicide (females attempt suicide at a much higher rate than males but are not successful in that attempt) is actually a cry for help. They deliberately use a substance in insufficient amounts or that is slow to act (poison) in order to be found and saved. This now also gives them a higher pity quotient thus a notch up in the victim Olympics.

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Can confirm, ex girlfriend tried to swallow a bottle of pills and made a production of it.

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That seems unlikely to me. Why would you expect high suicide rates?

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Seeing children die slowly and horribly while you stand powerless would eat at me

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that's a frog, wtf kind of turtles do you have around you

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The shellless turtles that hop. What type do you have?

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It could be either one. Looked turtle to me.

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send bobs and vegana

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Had cancer when I was 2. Was one of 4 cases in the entire US at the time with about a 60% chance of beating it through surgery and chemo. I’m so lucky I had parents who cared and who could afford it all. I’m the youngest and most successful of all my siblings too! Every day is a blessing and I’d much rather be alive to experience it, even the shit, than dead.

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She will be a great nurse

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Cool. Personal experiences with a certain type of tragedy make for some of the most dedicated people/advocates fighting against said tragedy.

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Been looking for you, Sir. Hope you're okay. ♡♡♡

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Im 10 miles out. Just trying to finish my books. Sorry for my rudeness. I do that while drunk but it's a shitty avoidable excuse. I made up my mind and talking just makes it sad. Thank you immensely.

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You aren't rude. There's nothing to say. I'm so fucking sad, Sir.

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It gotta be honest, this stinks of pleddit.

If I want feel goods I'll cuddle a koala, voat doesn't need this aww shit (goats excluded; need a good mascot), we don't need to be some 2.0

(Edit: funny how you all replied to me but no one down voted. You sick chooks better not be trying to scrape points on voat by pulling on people's heart strings. What's wrong got bored of virtue signalling on pleddit so you come here to stir shit?)

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It was I_Would_Gas_You that posted it. Makes me wonder how committed to his user name he really is, yaknow?

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Block the sub if you don't like it.

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Is that what you do when you find something you don't like? You just put your fingers in your ears and pretend it isn't there?

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If I want feel goods I'll cuddle a koala, voat doesn't need this aww shit (goats excluded; need a good mascot) ...

Koalas are not domesticated - they are wild animals. They are self-centered and mean to other species. Many types of goats are domesticated. In other words, people.

funny how you all replied to me but no one down voted

How sad that you think suppression goes hand-in-hand with disapproval. This is the way of Voat. You may be unwelcome here and yet cherished.

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I downvoted you so you can go ahead and remove the edit that's longer than your comment now.

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