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jews HATE these kinda nuclear families!

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She'll suck out your fucking brain! Run, you fuck!

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They look so happy

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They are the only species that can make communism work. Free food, no work and the system never collapses.

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I never knew that dogs get stuck together while making love until one night at a bush party, two huskies were stuck butt-to-butt. I asked a dude ‘what the fuck is with that?”. He explained that it happens all the time. I said ‘why don’t you separate them?” He replied “Oh no, way too painful for the male, just leave them, they’ll work it out.”

I stood there looking at those two dogs and for a moment I was entirly horrified, and a bit envious...

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Yeah i heard about that. And after seeing a pic of dog dick i understood why.

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Sexy bitches!

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I believe the correct term is "bitch"

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Let's keep this human gender insanity to ourselves.

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