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Where's the Holy Hand Grenade when you need it?

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Dats a wot of wabbit stew. Yup.

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Literally means Peppered Rabbit. Can also be used for rabbit stew or for a dish made from marinated or wild rabbits.

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And that is the reason I don't eat rabbit.

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why they are r-selected prey animals that breed until the ecosystem and predator/prey balance levels them out.

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I read Lefties are like this too. Funny, the rabbits have the same glassy eye look.

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Coming from someone who owns two rabbits, I'd totally eat rabbit if I had the chance. Circle of Life.

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I raised rabbit for fur for a while, they are very tasty. They take some getting used to as far as cooking as they have almost no fat on them, I'd highly recommend getting some game rabbit that is one of my favorites.

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Deport these Semitic bunnies.

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This guy is way cuter. https://youtu.be/HNbqvqf3-14

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if you are not cooking them then fuck off

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Nice One..........

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They are so much cuter than dumbass cats

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yea cats are fucking annoying. i don't get peoples obsession with him " LELE MY CAT WANTS TO MURDER ME AWWW LUV MY FUFFErS XD"

Meanwhile my irish setter is shining looking majestically at the sky with thoughts of deep space exploration.

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Not as cute as your girl while she's ridin' my cock