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This is walking style is cultural appropriation as this parrot is clearly mocking how goose walk.

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You gave this video such a good title that you actually made it onto Reddit haha!

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Eins drei zwei vier!

Open the fridge, grab me a beer bitch

Hup two three four

Double time fraulein

Don’t fall behind

Lest I pecker your pussy

Like I did the last time

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Eins Zwei Drei Vier unless you wanted to say 1 3 2 4

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His bitch has obviously already got him a few.

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Ministry of bird walks

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tik a tik a tik a tik a tik a tik a

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"Truckin', like a doodah man".

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Already down :(

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Just one problem with that.

QI Series G, Episode 2 - Ganimals https://hooktube.com/C0wbIuhxaQ4 starting at 40:30

Or just read this synopsis:

The people who goose-stepped their way across Europe in the 1940s were the Soviets. The Germans stopped goose-stepping (known as "stechschritt") in the 1930s because it fell out of fashion and it is hard to do. Countries which currently goose-step are North Korea, Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Chile and Iran. (Forfeit: Geese, The Nazis) -- https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/qi/episodes/7/2/

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