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We are humans, it is ok to eat meat. But the animals we eat are living beings. That means that while it's ok to kill for food, it is wrong to mistreat living beings. By 'mistreat' I am not referring to the moment they are killed but to the time when they are alive. Lack of empathy is an r-selected trait. http://www.anonymousconservative.com

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Makes me feel guilty for eating the poor things. I wish they weren't so tasty.

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if we don't eat them they would have never been born. They get life in exchange for shorter life span.

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Are we so sure about shorter life span? These things aren't the wild Bos Taurus we domesticated so I would give them less then 2 years in the wild anyway. Unless they formed a hierarchy with the bulls being protectors.

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This is the exact justification @maroonsaint uses for his cats.

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I think they are much happier living on a farm.


There was a longer one where the baby is still alive and kicking when it gets pulled out of its live mother. People should post these videos Everytime PETA says humans are cruel. Humans are simply a force of nature.

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Animals don't have human emotions either. Life/Death, Hungry/Full, Thirsty/Quenched, Warm/Cold, Safety/Danger etc etc. They are instinctual and at the end of the day they are all wild (humans train/tame as best we can).

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Yea I love going ham on a girls hotbox, also.

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I enjoy trolling cows by feeding them beef jerky.

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This is absofuckinlutely adorable.

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She's choking the cow to death ya know.

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Indeed a nice picture.

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5 Guys! Whataburger! And some southern BBQ ...

Fuck I’m gonna go vegan because they be so cute!

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Here's a crazy thought. If everybody did this then cows would go extinct. There would be no demand for raising them and they definitely won't survive the wild.

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Here’s a crazy thought. Cows would keep living to produce milk and cattle would go extinct ;-)

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