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Surprised that mouse is still alive. Pet or no.

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I think the mouse is photoshopped in.

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And a threesome, even.

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The mouse is surprised too...

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I have this big yellow Tom cat, (43 inches from nose to tip of tail) and I found him sleeping in the sun in the door way of the barn. Right beside him (not three feet away) a bunch of gophers were feasting on grain that they were taking out of a hole they had ripped in the grain sack. Then there is little girl, a white and tabby female with a bunch of kittens who was trying to corral a flock of little chicks to be with her kittens. Go figure? CATS ARE STRANGE, AND ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR.

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I've got cats... and I agree they do some of the strangest stuff. I still love 'em though.

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It would be boring if they didn't do all these strange things.... ;-)

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fucking wow

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Gross interspecies erotica!

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Animal threesome

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Suce moi.

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