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They put the cat into the bottle right after its born. Bottle feed it at first. Then just drop dry food in. Turn the bottle upside twice a day so it can go to the bathroom. Raised like that for four months before being sold by the thousands to Canadians on their Fourth of July, which is in February. As tradition dictates they’ll drink a twofer of Molson, declare the pussy’s name to be Trudeau and toss it, bottle and all, off the nearest overpass.

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Bonsai Kitten (imgoat refused to work)

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Is this for real?

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The cat was placed in there as a small kitten.

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It doesn't seem possible, but the photo doesn't look shopped as far a I can tell.

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Looks like a hole in the jar behind the cats head.

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It must have been very small when they put it in.

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With that tiny whole, how did the cat get in there?

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Anyone who likes cats more than dogs is a niggerfaggot from reddit. Worse, they're infected with toxoplasmosis, a worm which actually fucks up their brains and makes them like cats over dogs.

Fuck anyone who favors cats over dogs. They're all fucking worm-infested zombies who want to infect the rest of us. I fucking hope they're all some day marched off to death camps, where worm-infested zombies like them belong....

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Toxo's not a worm, you dumb fucking nigger.

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Yeah, it is, you fucking worthless worm-zombie. Ever seen it under a microscope??? It's a worm, a parasite, and it burrows into the brain and radically changes the behavior of the host. If you object to that, you're clearly under the control of the parasite, and therefore a beta fucking cat-lover......

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I see you don't yet accept your feline overlords.

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I don't like you at all. I hope a cat pisses in your shoe

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Fuck off, you parasite-ridden fucking whore. I hope you die screaming at the end of a flame-thrower before you can pass the worm onto someone else.....