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Looks like that black cock is getting hostile at the end. Don't they always though?

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He's getting cockolded.

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I love animals.

I love eating animals.

I DESPISE factory farms.

Starting today, I am going to try to become a quasi vegetarian. I will still eat fish, eggs, and dairy, but I'm sick of supporting such a fucked up industry. Humans were not meant to completely dominate other species like this; we have come so far from a typical 'farm' viewpoint.

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Real farms still exist if you can find one and if you can afford it

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No doubt! And in that situation, I have no problem with anyone eating meat.

But McDonalds? Most restaurants? Supermarkets?

It's all factory farmed bullshit and it's disgusting.


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*Plays A-Team theme.

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Hell yeah, man. If you need any tips, I'm more than happy to help.

Also, check out Earthlings, if you're interested. It exposes the factory farms. https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=BrlBSuuy50Y

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Awesome film

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I have so much respect for this, thank you. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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Get to know a few hunters too. I wish you luck on your mission.

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I was hoping on this being a joke and seeing a different kid get pecked... see what you've done to me Voat ?

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My sister's cat fled in fear when she returned home after chemotherapy treatment and had lost all her hair. Cat didn't recognise her.

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Damn, that's sad. If you don't mind me asking, how is your sister?

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She made it and is healthy!. Thank you for asking.

Cat is still going strong as well.

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I've heard chickens are, on the whole, stupid and rude. Not that this justifies torturing them, mind.

Anybody know any chickens personally?

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I do! I used to have a few chickens and a rooster. One night I woke up by the noise a chicken made. When I arrived at the place from where the noise came, I saw (with my torch) a martan (not a martian...) who was eating his way through the belly of a chicken in order to get the egg inside! Even while I was standing there, that ferocious animal kept eating! Only when I gave it a kick with my foot, the 'murderer', fled away. The poor chicken lived another few days, and the rooster, mind you, never went away from her side, until she died - very touching. I swear this is a true story! So, chicken aren't dumb animals. The only dumb animals I know are humans.

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Oh that's terrible. Coons have a (well earned) reputation here for killing more than they need to eat. The distress of the birds gets their blood up. Nature is truly awful. :/

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Chickens are smarter than you think. They recognise people (as evident) and will follow you around like a dog, if they are used to you. They have favourite foods and specific noises that mean things that they will make to you, but not to each other. They are also dumb as dog shit at the same time. One of my reds constantly tries to eat my wedding ring off my finger.

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They can be pretty dumb. Though, I think they can recognize other chickens and humans. They'll love you if you're the one who feeds them. Otherwise, they kind of just do their own thing.

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Do they become cannibals for no apparent reason?

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The chicken neck is incredible.

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I’m kind of confused. It’s the same boy as which boy? Or is his soul fused with the chicken?

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Ha, sorry. I posted a similar gif on this sub a few hours before this post. I was referencing the older post.

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I understand now.

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Yeah, I saw it, really special!

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cock got jealous

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