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No such thing as a mini pig. That's a future pork chop.

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That’s what I thought

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Actual mini pigs are a thing, just rare as there are only a few legitimate breeders. We have mini horses and mini cows too coming from highly selective breeders.

Furthermore, genetically altered micro-pigs are coming.

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An ex-coworker of mine bought a 'mini-pig'. It was actually just a normal pig. It was pretty funny watching her come to terms with that. She had to get rid of it.

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forget dogs and cats, i want one of those!

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Definitely. They're so cute

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That's one charming-ass pig.

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too similar to dog and I love dogs, now I will have second thoughts on bacon

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Check out Earthlings or Land of Hope and Glory. You'll be disgusted by how we exploit these animals.

I love bacon, but I chose not to eat it anymore because pigs lives are more valuable than my taste buds.

Happy New Year

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Are mini-pigs real? Or are they just not fully grown pigs?

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I'm not sure