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Kitty using its natural camouflage to hide itself on dog.

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Jesus thanks for letting me know how drunk I am. I even blew up the pic and thought it was just his buddy. Holy shit, a cat appears.

Well good news about my diet is ima cheap date.

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TFW I rape ur mum in the butt kek

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My cat - when I fly back home - sometimes sleeps on my chest. But it's never becasue he wanted to. He always makes it seem like he completely accidentally stumbles upon me laying down and purely by chance he happened to place himself exactly in the center of my chest for a nap.

I love that asshole.

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Free warmth!

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I though it was his/her fur.. Camouflage level: Cat

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so cute! the cat fits perfectly

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I wouldn't mind being the puppy!

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That's cute, and refutes the often claimed "Bulldogs are the 'niggers' of the K-9 world"....

That one looks like he's at least got some White English Bulldog in him, over all a Bulldog undoubtedly, and just as cool, calm, collected/tame as his owners have taught him to be. Yeah they may have genetic predispositions, but they wouldn't have made it through the generations if they just totally couldn't be controlled by their owners, wish the same were true of niggers, and Jews for that matter....

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Pt 2.

I've noticed in black neighborhoods, people are both afraid of and overly excited about/fond of Pit Bulls.

I have a Pit rescue who has survived the streets and also survived being stolen for basement fighting. I found the people who had him after he and another dog had escaped and gotten retrieved with RFID tags. Then I met some guys who knew him when he was in the guy's basement. The guy went up and the people in the house just let the dogs go. So my dog, super friendly scrappy Red Nose, was in a fighting basement used as a bait dog for like 6 months.

When I picked him up he was wiry as hell and just dejected and almost unrecognizable.

But within a week or so we would go on walks and he would have his cocky tail up. A few times he would get in scrapples with dogs on the street and my friend's dogs, but he never "started" it.

What you need to understand [full disclosure I'm drinking Vodka] if another dog isn't really well socialized to "off leash facetime" with other dogs, they instinctively play stupid games and win stupid prizes. So where as a "house dog" might act out a slight nervousness in an exploratory "Dominance Dance"- a dog which has been abused - [Nurture] - might respond more aggressively than its nature.

My Red Nosed Pit Bull instinctively would respond to an exploratory assertion of dominance with a playful response proportional to the situation. However because my dog has been on the streets and used for fighting intentionally, these actions will trigger him to "defensively attack". The Pit Bull breed has around the 3rd strongest jaws of any common breed and they use it to grapple their prey.

My Red Nose, in every fight I have seen him in, has been "playfully" or in some cases not so "playfully" attacked by un-leashed dogs and one time when both he and the other dog were on leashes. In each case he scraps with it until he gets a good position to grab onto it where the other dog can't bite him.

If he is killing prey, he does this and thrashes/breaks the spine/neck of the critter. But when it is another dog, he just latches on and holds on so the other dog can't bite him. He is not violent by nature, and even the worst nurture has not broken that faithful spirit he has.

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Fuck I have never heard that term. But I am drinking Vodka and here to lay out the truth.

Nature Vs. Nurture is a real argument for any organism with a will. Dogs, Pigs, Humans, Horses, these are domesticated creatures which still have will, which I will use as an example. I am not excluding Ocean based Mammals in principal, only I don't have enough data on them to include them in my assertions.

Pt.1 - "Breeds" of Dogs cross boundaries of genetic variance which are not symmetric with variant codings in Homo-Sapien.

-WTF DiD You Just Say To Me?

The difference between any "Breed" of dog is much smaller than the variance between Europeans and Africans, yet there are no scientific "breed" designation for humans.

  • So What

    It is useful to learn about genetic differences between humans for the same reason it is useful to learn the difference in behaviors between breeds.

  • But Dats Raycis

    You can see in my post that I make no judgments about which "breeds" or "races" are better or worse, only that there is a difference, which is measured, and which is more importantly measured in two different "languages" in science pretending that Homo Sapien is not mostly, still, an animal.

The Taxonomy of Homo-Sapien is broken due to Narcissism and denial. We are animal, we are the "Top" of the food chain that "We" have the ability to perceive, but that does not mean Race != Breed.

I will close with a well worn quote;

I'm not racist.
Why be racist?
There are so many perfectly good reasons to hate people
On an individual basis.

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Could be a bully pitbull. My male sort of looks like the doggos in pic.