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Who would eat that?

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Uh oh. Bucket pig is my new hero. Infinity in a nutshell!

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bucket pig knows what's up! he won't steer ya wrong. and best of all he tastes like bacon.

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It's Recursive! I LOVE this idea! Loving pigs is best shown by not EATING them! Right?

Are pigs like shrimp? I LIKE shrimp AND bacon, though NOT at the same time. Perhaps we need a personable shrimp to help us love them too (not eating).

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Jews do it for religious reasons.

OP does it because he likes it

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Jesus wouldn't eat that because he was a dirty Jew.

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Delightfully nonsensical. I don't get it.

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Fuck. Now it makes sense. Thanks.

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Voat is fucking awesome. No wonder @JohnCStevenson has -8,600 CCP.

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lol. knowing this triggered you made my night. thanks for letting me know! happy turkey day. :^)

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You suck fatty. See how voat is different? I haven't EARNED the right to downvote yet.

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You'll never 'earn' the right to downvote, you'll just get it because you're popular enough not to incur the wrath of the hivemind, while those who go against the grain get censored.

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