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I want to know the story behind that picture.

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The dog ate a Smurf, moron.

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That can't be true, Smurfs are magical and they never die.

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"Borrowed" from reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/7e35bc/yes_i_was_having_fun_why_do_you_ask/

Posted 9 hours before it was posted here.

Posted here July 2016

Posted here October 2013

Can't find anything older than that. Unfortunately, when translated the 2013 post is just some info about people poisoning dogs etc. and is unlikely to be the origin.

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Ya gotta luv a pup!

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This photo pretty much sums up a successful day in the life of a dog...Except for the bath.

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The best dog day goes something like this. Wake up, fart real bad snd gross out humans, eat cat shit, roll in dead animal, sleep, wake up, nasty fart again, destroy frisbee, eat elk meat, fart, snack on cat shit, sleep