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I'm not convinced that isn't a polar bear.

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Front page post on both Reddit and Voat!

One thing we have in common I guess. Dogs are bipartisan.

Yeah I still get on Reddit and until I can find a sub like Natureisfuckinglit or earthporn on Voat I will continue to do so unfortunately

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It could use some more activity. You should add your favorite images.

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Thanks buddy! I have some good stuff I will post tomorrow. Nothing original but I'm always downloading anything i like for my phone and CPU background.

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New user posting frontpage reddit content to gain points. Suspect.

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But still, fuck Reddit fags.

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He's so adorable, my maltese looks like a Chihuahua after bath

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ya just gotta love a pooch! If ya don't, I really feel sorry for ya!

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OH. MY. GOSH. My dog just looks like a wet dog...

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He looks like a cross between a polar bear and an ermine.

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hide your blubber

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