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cough Australian Shepherd cough

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This is correct, still a fine looking pup.

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Came here to say that. Thank you!

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All I've ever seen had slightly shorter hair....? But yeah looks legit, enough, good breed of dog best combination of obedient, loyal and protective I've encountered. When trained and treated right they'll jump on anything seen as a threat to their family, even if they don't stand a chance, of course it usually takes a lot for them to get the point they don't stand a chance either, they're really good at holding their own. One of my favorites.

They do make a good cattle or sheep dog as well.

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They are used on commercial bison ranches too. My females have been completely fearless of anything...sometimes that is not beneficial. Anyway, IMO, the best breed in the world.

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how'd you get it to sit still long enough for the pic

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Probably focusing on a squirrel? My border becomes super still when she has that herd stare.

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Squirrels are dumb.

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He's so elegant

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A Jew is gonna jew.. same as it ever was. Their whole life is about blaming others for what they are guilty of.

The House of Judah is full of devils!

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it looks like a statue, in a garden such beautiful pose

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This actually looks like a Mini Australian Shepherd. Look at the feet and the length of the legs, it's already full grown and still looks like a puppy.

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My phone is now shedding.

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