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We must secure the existence of our pets and a future for baby animals.

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For the beauty of the tiny sea turtle shall not perish from this Earth!

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Using imgur and comparing voat to alt-right trolls.

OP is cancer

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I don't really care that he used Imgur but yeah, comparing the Alt-Right to trolling is pretty stupid shit.

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"Help, what am I?"

"Well, you're white, but not all white. You're black, but not all black- and you swim. Clearly, you're a Mexican."


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Since when was Voat even mostly alt-right trolling? I see real discussions and comments most of the time, not trolling.

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Voat can LOOK like a far-right echo chamber but only because so many of today's liberals are too afraid to hang out in an unmoderated, un-curated space where they have to actually engage with the opposition.

The internet is currently divided into essentially left-leaning and right-leaning echo chambers, but it's not the right's fault - SJW types have essentially forced the right out of formerly neutral spaces and now they refuse to come and hang out in the new neutral spaces, pretending instead to hide in their "safe" spaces (AKA, where anyone they disagree with gets banhammered).

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I kid, I kid.

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You linked voat to imgur. You are the alt-right troll.

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I wonder what sea turtle tastes like? Aren't there enough of them now that they're not endangered?

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like chicken?

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That little dude is TOTALLY wiping out, man. Like WHOOAAAAAAAAAAA

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