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That is adorable.

Why do pigs have to be smart, cute, AND delicious? Sometimes I think God's got a twisted sense of humor. :p

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"Be my friend... until your hunger overpowers you."

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Yessss, give into your hunger and strike me down.

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Brutal, innit? I won't eat em, but I'm damn sad about it.

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Enter celebutante Paris Hilton, whose penchant for accessorizing with pets took a detour toward the porcine with her purchase of a tiny piglet in 2010.

Here’s what she told Hello magazine back then: “I went online and found these tiny teacup pigs that stay under 12 pounds when they’re fully grown. They’re incredibly smart, lovable, really clean and litter trained.”

Forget what Paris said — 12 pounds is not what these pigs weigh when fully grown. Try 40 or 50, if you’re lucky. Many of these pigs will weigh well over 100 pounds once they reach their maximum poundage — at which point they’re often surrendered to a rescue.

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The pig issue has become a huge burden on rescue organizations, who are always looking for farms where these poor abandoned animals can live in safety. If you're going to abandon your pig, have the fucking decency to shoot him/her instead.

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That is no goat.

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Hello Bacon!

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My old friend

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I've come to pan-fry you again

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Name it Amy.

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If that were my pet, I would name him Bacon.

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Shove it down a sand negress' throat before sticking a fork in her eye.