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You think the kikes created christcuckery to help Europe. How cute. They destroyed Rome with christcuckery and still use the catholics to spread their pedophilic blackmail and the evangelicals to cuck the US to Israel. Kill yourself like the kike on a pike you worship.

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This is one claim I don't understand. If contemporary Judaism (based on the oral Torah) was so fond of the Christ character for its ability to weaken Jewry's enemies, then why the ubiquitous assault on Christianity by Jews? That's not to mention that, strategically, it contradicts the characteristic ploy to make themselves victims. The Christian story paints conservative political Jews as the enemy.

Why the defamation of Christ in the Talmud?

Rome wasn't destroyed by Christianity. Rome's fate had basically been sealed before the 4th century, so the argument that Rome was brought down by Christianity seems ridiculous. Rome was too large to administrate, and it never would have survived. If anything, I believe Rome survived through the Catholic church, through a transformation from a bound-to-fail empire to a mobile evangelical superpower. To me, the idea that Rome fell is both true and false. It fell proper, but it didn't fall. The Catholic church is Rome. Like Judaism after Christ, it transformed, becoming more of a mobile politico-religious meme that tends to take over fixed nation-states like a driver operates a car. It adapted just like Judaism did after Nebuchadnezzar.

After the Christian era, the world transformed. The nation-state as a model was no longer the superpower. It became subordinate...the hardware to the software of the Abrahamic faiths. Rome was more like a capacitor for Christianity - or whatever faith could have united it. It's a matter of faith I'm sure to say that it was God's will that Christianity did in fact. At any rate, Rome was a battery that had enough juice to power the Christian machine for 1700 years. Unfortunately, it seems like she's failing now. Or at the very least succumbed to Kabbalistic interference after the 15th century.

I could be way off base. Peace will set me straight if necessary :).

@PeaceSeeker @antiracistmetal

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Do you not know how jews work? Let's look at the alt right as an example.

Richard Spencer's mentor Paul Gottfried is a jew. The Daily Stormer has jews like weev as editors controlling their content. Therightstuff.biz is run by Mike Enoch who is married to an orthodox jewess and had an orthodox jewish wedding. There's a variety of jews running openly anti-semitic organizations to create a controlled opposition that can direct the enemies of the jews in ways that further jewish interests. What makes you think christcuckery is any different?

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As usual a simplistic emphasis on Copying by Monks . Sure some things survived but 99% of ancient learning lost during the dark ages.

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Not lost. Destroyed by Islam.

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Islam didn't come along till much later and never reached the British Isles or anywhere North of Spain.

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Religion may have helped back than. Especially when everything sucked and you had to work so fucking hard just to do anything or go anywhere. Religion helped people cope with the trying times. Community, church and purpose was what humans needed and religion provided that. But today, well i dont see a whole lot of inportence in church. Just idiots singing songs and telling you to race mix.

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It might have had something to do with realizing that you really are going to die one day also.

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Burning at the stake should be brought back for cases such as @Dead-Hand.

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So strange religion went from punishing degenerates and bad behavior and even killing undesirables like the disabled and freakish to "all life is precious" humans are so fucking cringe and stupid at times. Why would god makes such stupid creatures? Its a part of what keeps me an atheist.

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Once you learn to unlearn everything hollywood, you're going to realize why you've been so miserable all this time, and why nothing was as it should be.

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Wow which Irish Monk are you referring to? St. Patrick? I hear he drove the snakes out of Ireland too!

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dun step on snak

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I have imagined Dead-Hand to be a quadriplegic in a wheel chair on disability and having a whole lot of free time. Very angry at God for his predicament.

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The Sisters at the convent should at least give him a sympathy handjob.

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You should cross post this to funny

But you are so right.