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2020-07-10 | Catholic Church Received At Least $1.4 Billion in PPP Loans | Time

'The Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference, an organization of Catholic financial officers, surveyed members and reported that about 9,000 Catholic entities received loans. '

'After its lobbying blitz, the Catholic Church worked with parishes and schools to access the money. '

'In late April, after thousands of Catholic institutions had secured loans, several hundred Catholic leaders pressed for additional help on a call with President Trump. '

'By aggressively promoting the payroll program and marshaling resources to help affiliates navigate its shifting rules, Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools and other ministries have so far received approval for at least 3,500 forgivable loans, found. '

'Lobbying by the church helped religious organizations get an exception. '

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I'm no fan of the catholics, but how many jews robbed that program? If the catholics were eligible, pay them.